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We provide consulting services on-site, in our offices and on-line. Under any circumstances, we guarantee immediate response to your requests. Services may include not only consulting support, but also the implementation of administrative decisions. Also, the task of our business consultants includes the search of optimal ways out of situations, that require outsourcing support.Remote S

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Address: 3 Sutton Ave, Oxford MA  01540

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Our Team Takes Care of Your Technology So You Can Grow Your Business!.


The days of using a "Break/Fix" service to address your needs are long gone. Today, your competitors use MSP firms, like GSS Technology to provide ongoing, pro-active IT management for an economical fixed monthly fee.

Cloud services is the future of small and medium business technology. Using the cloud offers a less expensive way to securely store your data and offer access to the data from anywhere there is Internet access. Previously, businesses would have to purchase IT infrastructure, as well as run and maintain it. .

GSS Technology offers high-value remote business management video and surveillance solutions that help both large and small businesses improve operational efficiencies, increase revenues and enhance and improve the quality of life of business owners, employees and customers.

You don't have to disconnect your machine and take it into a store because 24/7 Techies provides quality remote computer support anytime, anywhere using the Internet.


Our tech support specialists, with the use of highly secure remote support tools, will manage your PC as if they were seated right next to you. 24/7 Techies deploys a suite of diagnostic and computer repair software to accurately find the root of any computer problems you're having and fix it quickly.


How many programs do you have on your computer? Are you getting as much out of these programs as you should? Most computer users under-utilize their applications; mastering less than 20% of the available features. That leaves over 80% of the potential functionality either unknown or unused.

GSS Technology

We get "IT" done

We will work side by side with you to create a successful Point of Sale system that is state-of-the-art to keep your business running 24/7.


We are dedicated to helping local businesses thrive, making your success ours. We ensure our customers have the most reliable and intuitive POS system and eCommerce solution on the market so you’re ready to meet customers online and in-person.

Our design team starts each project by invoking the fundamentals of any great design: the left-brain, a pencil, and a sketch pad. Being able to interpret your thoughts and convert them to graphical elements is what sets our team apart from everyone else. We listen to our clients and provide creative strategies that will help sustain their brand. The brand must be as viable as the service or product it represents..

Toll Free:800-401-1378

Disaster Recovery Planning helps protect data assets and application that are critical to your business from an unexpected, catastrophic loss. Advances in technology have made the option of Disaster Recovery much more affordable and readily available to smaller businesses than in the past. With a predictable monthly or yearly cost it has become easier on the IT budget.

We fix screens, digitizers, water damage repair, back housing repair,  home button, power button, volume button, battery replacement, loud speaker, rear camera, MIC replacement, front camera, data transfer from 1 phone to another,

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